What To Do About Certain Muscle Pains?

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There are different types of muscle pains. The causes of these can differ and with it the levels of pain. Are you suffering from muscle pain? Is it occurring on a daily basis and you want to get rid of it? Then the first thing you must do is make a doctor’s appointment and check with him or her. They will let you know what they think is the root cause of it through running some tests and then you can decide your course of action.

Myotherapy is a form of therapy that is used to cure joint pain and soft tissue pain. Joint pain causes restricted movement and its root cause is myofascia dysfunction. Myofascia is a thin fiber sort of tissue around muscles. Bundles of myofacia forms ligaments and tendons. The pain is referred to as Myofascial pain.

Some of its symptoms include continuous pain in high levels, tightness in muscles, trigger points get sore which causes sore points in muscles, joint movement restrictions, numbness, a tingling feeling in muscles extreme tiredness.

It is commonly used for sports injuries, overuse injuries such as tennis elbow or shin splints, tension headaches, ailments of bad posture, different types of chronic back pain, shoulder impingement syndrome and some kinds of joint pains as well as muscle sprains.

To go to a myotherapist you don’t have to get a prior referral from a doctor. If you have x-rays and other reports it is wise to take them with you when you make your appointment. The test results will make it easy for the therapist to figure out what is wrong with you faster than without them. Then he or she will ask you questions about your symptoms. Make sure that you tell the doctor specifically your medical history so that he or she can come to a conclusion which is accurate. You must make sure you also give them the list of medicines you take on a daily basis. They can refer you to healthcare professionals for further diagnosis.

It uses different types of techniques one of which is acupuncture. The other techniques include hot/cold therapy, massage using sports and other remedial techniques, passive stretching which involves moving the affected part of the body in a range of movements, TENS Therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and Myofascial dry needling.

Usually it is said that the patient will receive pain relief within one to three sessions and each session usually lasts around one hour.

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