Various Napping Disorders That Need Immediate Medication

To have a healthy start of the day or to stay fit a person should take 6-8 hours of sleep. This includes 6 hours of sleeping at night. The nap should be taken between 10 pm to 5 am. This is the perfect and the right time. Napping after 10 pm and will impact wakeup time.

When talk about sleeping time, and then in present time most of the people used to have their dinner at 10 pm they go to bed late night by 12-1 am. Late to bed leads to late wakeup time. Prolong following from this habit lead to different type of napping disorder in people.

Different type of napping disorder

When it comes to categorizing the sleeping disorder, then it can be differentiated in two. First that happens because of a medical issue and second that happens because of the lifestyle. However, treatment of both types of disorder is there and there are dedicated sleep clinic present that provides treatment to cure various types of problems.

• Insomnia

This is a nap disorder that can be of two types. In some cases a patient tries to take a rest and have a sound nap but they can’t. In another case, a patient fell asleep all the time; no matter how long nap they have taken already. The reason of insomnia could be stress, jet lag, imbalance in hormones, digestive problem etc. This disorder is very severe and it should be treated on immediate basis. Prolong existence of this order will lead to depression, irritation, gain in weight etc.

• Pauses in breathing

This is another disorder related to napping that is called as sleep apnea. In this disorder, patients are unable breathing all of sudden. This is a serious problem that needs immediate medication. Pause to breathe means less supply of oxygen to the body.

• Restless leg syndrome

This is the syndrome that is associated with other medical issue. In RLS disorder, the person feels a strong desire to move the legs. A kind of sensation is felt in legs that create strong urge to move legs and this disturbs the sound nap. The urge to move legs remains more in day time but it also prevails during the night.

• Narcolepsy

It is major disorder that needs immediate consultation with doctor. It occurs on its own and it is more prevalent in those who have some neurological problem. In this disorder person get a sleep attack all of sudden and he/she fell asleep instantly. This disorder can even lead to paralysis.