The Benefits Of Electronic Pills Counter

The unnecessary wait at pharmacist

If you’ve ever waited at a pharmacy store, you would’ve noticed that a significant portion of the wait is due to the workload on the pharmacist who is filling the prescriptions and carefully giving you your medication. There is usually a limited number of staff and all the members of staff are doing their assigned duties constantly. Despite their constant work, there is usually a delay and that is because, giving the pills is not as easy as it sounds. The pharmacist needs to count the pills as well as make sure the right pill is given. The sensitive nature of the task does not allow any room for mistake, which acts as a great psychological stress for the pharmacist at all times. This problem of unnecessary stress for the pharmacist and the unwanted wait for the patients has been solved by the introduction of electronic pill counter

How Electronic Pills Counter make life easier

The electronic pills counter or the robotic dispensing machine is programmed to provide you with the right dosage of medication with the utmost accuracy. The machines are able to read the medicines using barcode scanner and this prevents mixing of the medicines. The dispenser counts the medicines as it fills the vial, freeing up the staff to cater to the needs of the patients with a more relaxed mind. An exponentially growing number of pharmacies are switching to pill crusher machine for the following reasons.


This is primarily the main advantage of switching to electronic pill counter. The automatic dispenser makes the task of counting the pills really fast. This removes the unnecessary delay in handing the medicines to the patients. Due to automatic pill counter, the patients do not have to wait as long and they can easily get their prescription in no time. The fast pace not only benefits the patients, but also the pharmacists.


The automatic pill counter makes the task of counting the pills a hundred times faster than a human, but that, without any compromise on the accuracy of prescription. The machine has been designed with high consideration to the removal of any chance of mixing up medications. In fact, in the case of human filling out prescriptions, there was a chance of mixing up pills that looked alike. The automatic dispenser does not make this mistake which makes it more accurate than the human pharmacist. Moreover, most automatic pill counters come with a dispenser that keeps the medicines in the sterile environment. This prevents contamination of the pills and this is much safer and convenient than medications on the rack.

Improved customer service

A key role of medicines is to satisfy the patient psychologically. With a pill counter doing its job, the pharmacists have more time to talk to patients and attend to their needs. They can answer any questions that the patients might have. This satisfies the patients. The extra time that the pharmacist gets with an automatic pill counter at disposal, is really necessary for the patients who usually have a lot of questions regarding their medications. A pharmacist can then calmly answer to all their queries.