The 5 Popular Types Of Dental Treatments

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Teeth are an essential part of our body. These help in primary digestion of food. One needs to take care of his teeth in regular basis, failing which the individual may suffer from various dental problems.

There are also several dental treatments, like crowns, invisalign, etc., available for several dental problems. Let us know about such 5 treatments that will help you have a healthy oral health and a great smile.

1. Bridges: it happens often times that a tooth breaks or falls in middle age or becomes useless for cavities. In those problems bridging is one and only treatment. Bridge means to replace a false tooth on that barren place. This kind of tooth is usually made by porcelain, or a kind of metal. Some patients want to use gold in this purpose too!

2. Fillings: sometimes a whole is created in a tooth and it causes heavy pain in the mouth. In this dental problem filling is one and only solution. Filling means repairing. Usually filling is done by using mercury, silver, tin, zinc and copper. A mixture is formed by all these metals namely, amalgam. Apart from this there are several types of fillings. A dentist will decide what type of filling is suitable for a patient.

3. Crowns: when a tooth becomes useless or damaged or half broken, then to protect it this kind of treatment is used. Crown means to give a cap over that damaged tooth. This crown is made by porcelain or metal. Some want to do this type of crowning to look better. While doing crown professionals often drill down that affected tooth and put the cap over that.

4. Root canal treatment: often infections happen in the center of a tooth. This type of dental problem is very serious and if proper step is not taken at the right time then the infection will spread up and the whole tooth needs to be taken out. Root canal treatment will remove all the infection from inside of the root. Then the canal of root is filled and the tooth is sealed, and then it is crowned. In this way, the whole treatment ends up.

5. Scale and polish: when teeth consist of dirt, then these are needed to be cleaned. Polishing is the way to clean these teeth. Sometimes teeth are misaligned and in this case scaling is needed. Scaling makes teeth aligned

Choosing the right dental clinic or the doctor is of utmost importance as this will help you get the right treatment.