How Will The Needle Therapy Benefit You?

Are you scared of needles? That is a common problem for many who refrain from taking injections or even visiting a clinic for any kind of treatment. Many feel that visiting a doctor or any kind of physician would result in them having to take an injection of some kind. However, not all kinds of needles used in therapeutic treatments would necessarily hurt. There are several kinds of alternative treatments where needle therapy is used and it proves painless and therapeutic.

Rehabilitation treatments

There are different kinds of rehabilitation treatments that involve acupuncture. This is an age old technique whereby needles stick to certain nerve or pressure points that can help relieve stress and pain. Even if the therapy might look uncomfortable, it is not a painful process. This is a misleading notion that many people have. It is a beneficial and well established treatment which does not involve any harmful drugs. By effectively targeting certain pressure points and nerve assemblies, acupuncture specialists can help relieve pain which a person might experience. It is also a common way to help relieve stress and discomfort that women experience during pregnancy.

Why is it painless?

Many people have the misleading notion that it would pain to have needles stuck on you during an alternative therapy session at a South Lake chiropractic clinic. However, that is not true. That is because the needles have fine points and simply create a tingling sensation when they are placed on certain pressure or nerve points of the body. The therapist who is experienced in providing such treatments usually carries out the treatment in such a way that it is painless and stress relieving for the patients.

The after effects

If you thought that sticking needles in your back or in different parts of your body would be painful, you are wrong. The needle therapy as in acupuncture leads to stress relief and decreases pain from affected body parts. That is because the therapy usually targets tissues and the muscle groups that are under stress from injury or damage. With stimulation of associated tissues and blood vessels, blood flow and circulation is increased. This helps to relieve sensations of pain. It also helps to increase blood flow and oxygen to affected body parts those steps up the healing process.

As needle therapy is beneficial and does not involve drug based treatment, it is often recommended for many rehabilitation cases as well as to step up healing of certain musculoskeletal ailments or injuries. It is also considered safe for pregnant women till a certain stage of their pregnancy.

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