Guide to Causes of Heartburn


Heartburn is when you experience irritation in your esophagus which is known to be caused by stomach acid. Due to this, it is likely for you to experience uneasiness in your upper abdomen near your breast bone. The lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is supposed to open at times to allow the entering of food into the stomach. However, if the LES opens too frequently and does not close the way it should, then the acid in your stomach can go into the esophagus and cause the burning feeling.

At times when people are experiencing heartburn, they make a common mistake of lying on their right side. If you are to lie on your left side then you can help prevent the acid from going into your esophagus. It is understandable to experience heartburn then and now. However, if you are experiencing it too frequently, then it can become problematic. To avoid such experiences you can look into heartburn remedies and try to adopt some of the suggestions which are considered most effective.

Furthermore, heartburn can even be caused by the lack of a specific enzyme which is used for digestion. The best digestive enzymes looks into the lack of a specific enzyme which causes such disruptions as heartburn, gastritis and bloating. As you age it is common for you to experience these problems. However, it is further suggested to avoid preservatives and harmful food as beans and potatoes.

The main reason why the LES is unable to close itself tightly is because of the presence of excessive food. Such excessive food may not be digested because of the lack of specific enzymes. However, it can also be due to obesity, constipation, and pregnancy. Food as chocolate, onions, alcohol and caffeine can help ease your heartburn. Nonetheless, if you consume food rich in fats and oils it can elevate the heartburn.

Additionally, it needs to be understood that heartburn does not only occur due to consumption of specific food or the lack of a particular digestive enzyme. In many cases, it can even be due to stress, lack of sleep, excessive smoking. In contrary however exist another perception about the cause of heartburn. Here, it is suggested that it is likely to be caused due to little stomach acid being present. Furthermore, it is pressured here on how such acids are present in order to boost of the production of enzymes which help in the breaking down of food. It additionally helps in preventing infections being caused on to the body. While looking into these matters, it is further suggested to avoid any food that can stimulate up bacteria.